26: Night by Night

On the way down
The body is the instrument
Fell by drink, fatigue, or violence
That describes an arc
A shift in perspective
With point of view doggedly intact
A paradox for moron
A short trip with a Keystone punchline

On the way out
There is usually a quiz
A pretty pointless one word query
With answers that devolve into explanations
Then strengthen into stories
Anecdotes illustrated by scar tissue
Bunched up beneath epidermis
Discreet but fully present

On the way up
There is nothing
A blank page
An empty glass
A clearing of the throat
A kind word toward your mother
To set up the night's entertainment


Heather said...

Should it be "felled" in the third line? Otherwise, have I mentioned that I really like your poetry?

Binbaz said...

I just like the sound of fell better, and the roundabout implication.
Thanks for the kind words.