37: Black Friday

SCENE - Lobby of an abandoned building. Three chairs and a broken table emphasize the desolation of the place. An inch of dust covers everything. It is pitch black.
[Evan and Kadrey run into the room holding flashlights. Kadrey stops suddenly]
Kadrey: Wait. Wait! [whispering] why the fuck are we running?
Evan: [Stopping. Catching his breath] I don't... I don't know. That was a real ruckus.
Kadrey: Quite the commotion. Quite the commotion. But I'm not looking to get my throat slit.
Evan: What are we looking for?
Kadrey: Only the correct exit. [he shines his beam on the floor] What's this.
Evan: [augmenting Kadrey's beam with his own] I think it's blood.
[Kadrey is still. Evan moves his beam along the crimson trail. It goes into the next room.]
Evan: What do we do?
Kadrey: The correct exit.
Evan: We leave? Now? What if someone needs us?
Kadrey: That question only has the one answer. I only have the one life.
Evan: What's that worth?
Kadrey: What?
Evan: A life.
Kadrey: That's not fair Evan. I see no life here demanding consideration. It's curiosity. You want me to gamble for your curiosity.
Evan: You're no kind of man.
[Evan goes into the next room. Kadrey is left alone and in silence for about two minutes. His beam stays fixed on the spot where they first saw the blood]
Kadrey: Evan, damn you, make a sound.
Evan: [Coming out of the room, looking queasy] There's most of a man in there...
Kadrey: My God.
Evan: Alone. Whoever, whatever did this... He doesn't have much of a face left...
Kadrey: What can we do?
Evan: I don't know. I don't see a whole lot of options.
Kadrey: Can we take him somewhere? Or do we have to...
Evan: Damn it Kadrey! He's not some fucking horse.
[There is a long silence]
Evan: You get our shit packed up, I'm going to drive down to that truck stop and make a call.
Kadrey: Are we going to wait with him?
Evan: I've got no answers for cops.
Kadrey: For a little bit then.
Evan: You do what you want. I'm not going back in there.
[Evan leaves. Kadrey raises his beam to the entrance of the next room. As we hear Evan's car start up Kadrey starts walking towards the entrance. He turns his flashlight off and goes in.]
Kadrey: Hello?

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Heather said...

I'm intrigued. Definite mood evoked from this pairing. You're benefiting from doing these so consistently I think. This photo is beautiful.