39: Street Spirit

Words rush up and bottleneck right behind my voice-box
Collisions and fusions confuse meaning
My body refuses me
Pressure builds
And right there
Like a joke
I growl and cough and shout
An impostor
Obscene and vicious
Propelled by my own two lungs
Is poured into the world
It's not today and it's not happening
It's not today and I shut it in
It's not happening not today because I shut it in
It's staying in today
I won't let it happen today
Today I shut it in
I shut it in
I shut it in
I close it down
So it won't happen
Not today


Heather said...

Great photo, elegant. The poem reminds me of some of the passages in Steppenwolf. Maybe existentialism is the key to this, and to the entire work?

Binbaz said...

You talking bout the band or the book.

Heather said...

the book.